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At the far end of northern Minnesota is Ham Lake, one of the largest and most beautiful lakes in Minnesota. The region is home to some of Minnesota's most scenic lakes, rivers and lakeside attractions and offers a variety of outdoor activities including hiking, camping, fishing, hiking and camping. Here are some of our favorite hidden gems in this beautiful region that remind us why we love living in Lake Minnesota!

This lake is one of the most beautiful in Minnesota and home to a variety of outdoor activities including hiking, camping, fishing, hiking and camping. This is the second largest lake in the state and the largest in northern Minnesota and includes some of Minnesota's most scenic lakes, rivers and lake attractions. It is a popular fishing and boating destination, as well as a great place to camp and hike.

You will find a variety of activities here, including fishing, boating, camping, hiking, canoeing, kayaking and much more. Visit your family in Theorecan and see all the activities that will make your day in the park fun and educational. Check out the many different ways to make a day full of fun, education and fun.

For summer fun and wintery fat-biking, Ham Lake is a great place to explore the Twin Cities Gateway. A popular spot for cyclists who want to visit the lake, a ride from downtown St. Paul or even from the northern end of the city makes it easy to connect and explore the area. This route starts and runs along the east side of Ham Lake, south of Interstate 35W and north of I-35.

In 1856 a group of settlers founded the so-called Ham Lake, and in 1889 they moved to Lake Netta with the help of horses. There is probably the oldest structure on the lake, built in the early 19th century, in what is now the northern end of the town of St. Paul, south of I-35W.

When more settlers began to make the area their permanent home, residents who had difficulty saying no to the name of the town persuaded the commissioners to rename it Ham Lake Township, and there was a farmers "cooperative that belonged to members of the immediate area, but they voted against it. After the Jesperson had set up a small business and a post office, other neighbors became involved, so that the postal address became "Jesperson, Minnesota," which remained for several years. In its first years, HamLake was part of the Grow Township, but after Anoka County commissioners replaced and organized it separately on February 21, 1871, it was separated from the county and the city of St. Paul.

The ballfield was located at 153rd Avenue NE and Highway 65, which is now home to HamLake High School and Ham Lake Community Center, and just a few blocks south of downtown.

This is a great route for a day trip and would also be the perfect short camping experience. This is the route to go around Ham Lake, where you can paddle from the southern end of the lake to the northern end, which is accessible by motorboats up to 25 hp. Although engines are not allowed in this area, it is designed for paddle traffic, so that motor boats with more than 25 HP need not be accessible. The region is full of Portage trails that connect to Lake Superior, the Great Lakes and the Minnesota River, as well as the Mississippi and Lake Michigan.

This is an excellent way to cool off in the summer heat and a great way for the family to seek fresh air and fresh water, as well as a beautiful view of the lake. This is another great way to spend an afternoon exploring the Great Lakes Preserve and Lake Superior National Park.

This indoor playground offers a variety of activities for children and adults, as well as an outdoor playground for children. Fun activities include a heated swimming pool, water slides, a playground and much more. On Friday nights there is live music, food trucks, live entertainment and fun activities. These include a picnic area with picnic tables, picnic chairs, hot dogs, drinks and snacks, games, activities, crafts and entertainment.

I always wanted to do a long canoe trip to the Boundary Waters, I just haven't managed to do that yet. A trip to Ham Lake or the BWCA is a wonderful way to disconnect from the world and be part of something more than just a day trip. It is also a good time to visit HamLake when the weather is dry and the temperatures are still moderate. There are a number of wonderful and relatively easy ways to get around on the canoe trails, such as the Great Lakes Canoe Trail, the Green River Trail and of course the Lake Superior Trail.

More About Ham Lake

More About Ham Lake